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A few weeks have passed....

A few week have passed. Everyone is working with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. Still and inevitably, in one sense, it's two steps forward and one step back. Nevertheless, thankfully we're moving forward again, not just playing catch up. It's slow but then I'm terribly impatient by nature. Rehearsal is tonight and I'm really looking forward to driving us well into the second half. One point of inspiration is Sam's incredible voice, particularly when she shifts into opera mode. It lends another level to the whole project. Everyone is singing and then rising out of the chorus this beautiful, dynamic sound. Wait and see! Shed shivers up your spine. As I reflect on this, I have to remind myself how privileged I am to be working with all of these people.

The story is beginning to show through the fog of ideas.The principals are becoming more familiar with the songs. There are some super scenes, the wrestling, Aeghistus and Clytemnestra. The choreography is beginning to settle. Andy is still feeling Orestes out but it's coming along nicely. He's more confident now. There's invention, risk taking and beauty. We'll film the promo next week with considerable confidence and then it will be out there for others to make their judgements.

Clytemnestra's Rationalisation has morphed into a delicious arrangement by Lydia at the piano. Mark was in the recording studio with Pete P last night and I'm looking forward to hearing the fruits of their labours. It's dangerous and thrilling working like this. There's always the possibility that we'll fall flat on our faces, that it will all fall apart, alongside the promise of rich creative reward. I suppose it's all about keeping the faith. My feeling at present is that we're actually bang on track, that something very, very special has always been in the air, that there's a huge challenge here and we're stepping up to meet it in so very many ways. This is what it should all be about so I'll have a bite to eat and head down to Mills Street.

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