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Great rehearsal and promo video

Wedneday night beset with illnesses, no Andy or Sian and this was the time set aside for filming the ELECTRA PROMO. Actually things turned out very nicely as we focused on tour ELECTRA. The promo was largely for folk overseas anyway and Tove is Orestes in that version. Laura also benefitted by being able to shadow Sam and we got through a mountain of work AND managed to get the filming done too. Delighted with the promo which goes live tonight and is a good representation of the production. It's Epic in a number of style, very Brecht which was always the intention but also in scope because the story is so big with all its references to the wider tale. Pete P has done an awesome job on the recordings and they blend seamlessly with the live performances. Sam is pretty amazing as Electra. Her unique voice adds so much to the songs, elevates them really and then Laura sings them and she's awesome in a different way. Its absolutely thrilling as we reach that point in rehearsal where all the potential is gelling. They are a great cast and again I consider the privilege it is to work with them.

Lydia's costumes are something else. She designs and makes everything including the masks. Check out the video and you'll see what i mean. There's still a way to go and quite a bit of recording to do. There's 19 songs in total and a fair amount of underscoring but we're well on track for our early June season.

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