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Bring it on seems about the right sentiment now. We've never worked so tirelessly on a project but each rehearsal and recording session brings us closer to preview performances and each reveals the potential that we want to unlock. Time may work against us but I keep in mind the tenet of my last post. In any case this is not a short term project with an eye firmly cast on the Edinburgh Festival at a later date. For now, we will be satisfied that the production merits attention. We think its terrific with appeal in so very many areas. The narrative is compelling as is the thematic content. It's quite spectacularly theatrical. We are well pleased with the songs and the arrangements although we will probably refine these as we go. (It's always difficult to praise your own work except to say if I didn't have faith in the collaborative effort that produced the music, it wouldn't be there. I think it's very special and I hope that the audiences think so too)

I think that we have arrived at an intriguing staging of the tale. As we know, the original was written over 2500 years ago. The purpose was as much to teach a lesson as to entertain. For the drama to mean anything today, it must have a relevance and since human beings still behave irrationally, it clearly does. Still, the dramatic conceit we use is to present an ancient world before interval and a relatively modern one following interval. This is apparent in costume and in language conventions: perhaps in music composition also. Having said that, there are motifs and props that connect both halves and I think we avoid confusion providing the audience suspends disbelief and goes with the drama. What all of this does say is that we have worked tirelessly on the project imbuing it with our passion and belief.

On a practical note, last weeks rehearsal brought us to the end of the play with most of the songs in position. This week Bindy will refine the choreography and Lydia and Mark will complete the orchestrations for the last of the songs. Then we have a couple of all day rehearsals.

Lydia will finish off the costumes while Pete and I get on with set and lighting, so as I said at the beginning....bring it on!

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