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We are now at the end of part 1: that is to say, our initial performance season is over. Sentimentality would have me sing the praises of all involved including the audiences. Opening night was reasonably well attended but what was lacking in numbers was more that made up for in appreciation. I wasn't there but every bit of feedback spoke of a terrific show, as if the cast didn't think this possible...interesting. I knew it wasn't ready but I also felt that what was there would be very well received. As an example of 'not readiness' was the exclusion of the last song which had been recorded but not rehearsed. Still the production worked a magic without it. Bookings improved out of sight, we sold out, great for confidence. I asked people for feedback other than superlatives because the production is a work in progress. It's not over. In fact its journey has only just begun. We plan to take it to Edinburgh next year. I don't normally care much what people think, critics are irrelevant. How can you review Nuworks when you don't remotely understand Nuworks? But I'm thinking of Edinburgh and I'm keeping my eye on that ball...the intended audience, the intended architectural space. The project is different and the approach to the project needs to reflect this.

So what did people like, not like, not understand? I listened and we have already responded. There was a pretty universal opinion that what we were doing was 'special' and different for us...ok. 'The best thing so far at the Warehouse' I'm not so sure about that. But....Orestes' anger was too sudden, leaving the actor no where to go. The words in the opening song were indistinct, inaudible. Perhaps too many songs piled one upon the other in the opening 15 minutes. In particular, the 'twin towers' monologue confusing and/or heavy handed. Lots of divided opinion, what one person liked, another didn't so much. As to the cast, I can't think of a more positive group, towards the project, each other and the result so far. That much is unequivocal. And my attitude towards them is overwhelming gratitude and admiration. For what it's worth, I actually loved the production and so too did the collaborating creative team. We're proud...very and elated and united in a determination to take it now to the next level through a series of workshops before its next showing in about six weeks.

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