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8/3/2018 So, last week we complete the blocking process and the entire piece is looking very good. I'd written the penultimate song, Collaboration, many months ago but I'd always had reservations about it. It didn't sound right, even after three or four drafts. We were in Marburg in Germany, on tour and I was leaving the auditorium. Lydia was doodling at the piano and I turned back. "What's that?" It was her take on Collaboration, really arresting, hauntingly melodic. I thought, that's it. Fast forward and here we are at rehearsal. The band are playing the song and Mark is singing the lead. It's very engaging but not the right sentiment. I stop it. It's just not right, I know it.

I ask Mark if he will have a go at it, give him the lyrics and tell him to use what he wants, disregard the rest. He takes it away and very quickly, there's a new song. Next rehearsal he plays it on acoustic guitar to Lydia, I pass by, listen, move on. I trust Mark and Lydia to get it right, Next thing, the band is playing it. Pete's impressed. There's nothing of my original except the title. We discuss who sings what, where the chorus will come in. The ensemble learn it there and then. It's great! Meg arrives. She's already heard the acoustic demo and choreographed it loosely. She works with the ensemble and its finished in fifteen minutes. Everyone knows its terrific and That Bastard Brecht is complete....Collaboration!

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