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Well, almost! The March season of That Bastard Brecht is over. The season far surpassed all our expectations, confirmed by the audience response. Strangely, it's always with a sense of unease that I listen to glowing comments, particularly when they speak of the "best ever". That's gratifying , of course, but there's a pressure that accompanies it...what next and how do you repeat the experience.

In any case it has been a richly awarding adventure. We certainly set out to raise the bar although we thought we'd set that very high with The ELECTRA Legacy.

Perhaps surprisingly, I think we made a huge leap in Red Riding Hood. Those involved would appreciate that and without being too cryptic, we had reason to speak about energy levels and focus between shows which made literally a world of difference. I know I carried that learning experience into Brecht rehearsals and shared it with the ensemble.

THAT BASTARD BRECHT was a different kind of show. Different subject matter and there was a fabulous live band and great songs. You always know when the songs are good because the cast enjoy the challenge of singing them and the choreographers enjoy working on them. The reality is, however, that while superficially different, the production and the production values were very much the same.I've been reflecting on this because when people come to see us now, I want them to understand that they are coming to see a Nuworks show. It's really what I've been saying for ages, And I have to say I become quite irritable when some folk don't get it.

That aside. a good many more people get it than don't and here are some of their comments regarding TBB.

Dear David,

Just thought I would take the opportunity to commend your company on an excellent show.

I attended the performance yesterday afternoon with my VCE Drama (combined 1/3) class. I find the concept of Epic Theatre and alienation difficult to teach, and students often find it confusing. We thought we would come to see your show in hope visually, it would make the style and conventions of Epic Theatre much easier to grasp. Happily, we were not disappointed.

Congratulations to your talented cast and musicians. They had amazing energy and presence on stage.

We are very glad we made the trek to Cheltenham to see “That Bastard Brecht” and wish you all a successful season at the Edinburgh Festival.

Libbie Rogers

HI David,

Just a quick email to say that I really enjoyed your Brecht piece. I hope you smash it in Edinburgh!!

One thing I really notice about your plays is the commitment that you get out of the performers............. Jazz singers have often told me that: that it is all about the commitment; if you get that right the rest follows.

David James.

David is right of course. The strength of the production, regardless of text and songs is in the belief of the collaborative team and the performers. What defines Nuworks these days is continuity built on commitment and a shared belief on what constitutes meaningful theatre. From the time we arrived at Mills Street Warehouse, from One More War to Roaring Girl, Alice, The Shakespeare Rep season, Hellkatz and The ELECTRA Legacy we've been blessed....What next?

Rehearsals for Edinburgh of course but a new show too..................ANTIGONE.

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