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Long time between drinks but oh so much has been happening!

It's Monday 3/4. We're on our way to Adelaide on Friday for 5 shows of That Bastard Brecht. The Melbourne return season was an absolute triumph, the cast settling instantly into the groove. There's a few minor changes but it's ostensibly the same show and cast that went to Edinburgh last year. There's quite encouraging advance ticket sales so that's already a bonus. We're at Star Theatres 2 just outside the CBD. It's a terrific space, tailor made for the show. It's actually really lovely to be doing Brecht again, like revisiting a very good old friend. We've also been working on Freak Show, a very different version of Antogone. Pete is sublime in the lead role as Creon and Anna exceptional as Antigone. Great cast and should do really well in Edinburgh in August. Great songs from Stuart. It's a very powerful show. Perhaps the final statement says it all:' through suffering we become wise'. The vibe is certainly Ancient Greek but the telling decidedly more modern with great contemporary relevance. The Melbourne season is early April and then its on to FAWK and the return of another cherished friend: Nuworks in a very different light.

For those interested, Deep Sh*t is definitely on the horizon for later in the year.

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