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June and we've produced: Pinocchio, Urban Hero, Rat Trap, Freak Show, Expelled and That Bastard Brecht since January. That's not a bad output in anyone's books. Plus we've been to the Adelaide fringe with Brecht, so there you go.Thrilled with every show but in particular with the kids. Our youth ensemble is very fine now. Check out the video clips and you'll see what I mean.

OK so next up is Freak Show and Brecht again, one offs in preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe in August. We're there for three weeks this time. Then its FAWK and the return of a well loved favourite. Slightly different cast with Mark as Mouse and Tove as Hazel + a little Walter (Jas ) as Young Jack and Anna as a delicious Russian Cat. For anyone who hasn't seen this, do yourself a favour; its awesome! That simple.

In the interim I've been working on two new shows: Deep Shit, a decidedly Irish tale and Suffragettes: Mister Punch and Mrs Pankhurst. Finished the latter today. Can't wait to get started on these but they may have to rest until we get back from Scotland.

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