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About Nuworks


Nuworks is an independent not for profit, community theatre entity. We have been in continuous existence since 1988.

We are collaborative, egalitarian and investigative.

We strongly encourage diversity.

We partner with a number of charities, most notably: Possible Dreams International.

We have our home at Mills Street Warehouse, Cheltenham.

We write most of our work including the music component. Wow record our own songs in our recording studio.

Our most notable recent productions include the award winning:

That Bastard Brecht


 and Patrick and the IRA





Romeo and Julia in Belfast

and PUCK

We tour overseas on a regular basis and have performed at The Edinburgh Fringe, The Adelaide Fringe and The Auckland Fringe where we have attracted a number of prestigious awards as well as four and five star reviews.


( Please note; all artists, directors, writers, techs actors and musicians are unpaid )


The foundation for all of our work is based in the style and conventions of Epic Theatre.


The ideas and ideals of the style can be found in the writings of Bertolt Brecht and Erwin Piscator.


There is usually a musical and choreographic element to our work.


We are a teaching and learning ( didactic theatre entity )

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