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Nuworks: theatre made in Australia is a collaborative and egalitarian ensemble with a core group of writer/artists. Each project begins with an initial concept and text developed by the artistic director, David Dunn. The project can be a reworking of a classic piece of literature or an entirely new piece of theatre.

The intent is usually didactic, the production values inherently theatrical. Music and choreography often accompany the storytelling albeit, the structure is more ‘Epic’ than ‘Musical’.


reverberates with contemporary relevance: sex, the exploitation of women as artists throughout time, the withholding of recognition and financial reward should ring bells. But this is Brecht’s story told through the lens of Elizabeth Hauptmann. Unlike ‘victims’ of today, Hauptmann, Grete Steffin, Ruth Berlau, Carola Neher and for that matter Helene Weigel said little or nothing to criticize the genius of Brecht and his idiosyncratic behavior. Indeed, they adored him despite it or possibly because of it. This is Nuworks original storytelling with twelve new songs evocative of the Weimar years, of Berlin, sin city of the world, cabaret and burlesque and the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Freak Show Antigone Redux

Early January 2019 at Mills Street Warehouse

This is an entirely reworked adaptation of Sophocles' Ancient Greek Tragedy: an exploration of abuse of power and the irrationality of the human spirit.

12 original new songs accompany the epic telling of Sophocles' tale.



The play features a Shakespeare-quoting Scarecrow, a recalcitrant Crow, an irascible Mouse and an impressionable Teenager on a quest to find the precious cube.

Mills Street Warehouse season in June 2019, then Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019.


© 2018 Nuworks Theatre

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