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         Yes, we licence our plays and musicals!

          Check out our website:

We have been writing plays and plays with music for over thirty five years. At first, this was in response to a lack of 'intelligent'  AND CHALLENGING scripts specifically for adolescents.

( 14 - 18 YEAR OLDS )

Later,  and because we are called Nuworks, we began writing plays and plays with music for our adults.

We write in a variety of styles, typically for large casts with scope for a large chorus almost not exclusively.

Our work tends to be didactic. It is always ethical and our youth and childrens productions

are always educationally and age appropriate. Some may be considered 'controversial' using language and exploring themes that a few members of the greater community may find offensive.


Please find below our catalogue divided into productions for adults, adolescents  children and hybrid. What we can guarantee is that all titles have been performed, some many times in different countries around the world.

All titles have been written by David Dunn

Musical collaborators include: Mark Howard, Lydia Saroto, Russell Welsh, Peter Noble, Peter Palankay, Mary Robbie, Callum Dale, Lyndsay Dale, Stuart Bruce and Peter Harris.


As to performing rights fees and the hire of production materials, we negotiate these with interested parties, taking into consideration the circumstances of each.

To be clear, our motivation is not money.

We are happy to advise on the suitability of any production and provide helpful insights as to how the piece can be successfully staged to suit diverse budgets and audiences.

All of our work encourages diversity and gender equality. We are currently reviewing our plays and musicals with a view to keeping abreast of community standards and expectations while at all times retaining artistic integrity.


Should you produce a Nuworks piece, we want you to enjoy the experience.

So, peruse at your leisure and we look forward to hearing from you.




HELLKATZ!                          Play with 12 songs      Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks    Period Drama 

Mary Read and Anne Bonney were the fiercest pirates of their day, as Calico Jack and others

would discover to their cost. True story. 

THE ROARING GIRL         Play with 12 songs       Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks   Period Drama

Mary Frith was the original roaring girl, too hot for any Elizabethan man to handle! True story

THE ELECTRA LEGACY      Play with 12 songs      Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks    Period Drama

 A retelling of the traditional Ancient Greek Tragedy

FAWK                                     Play                              N/A                                   Fantasy

The story of Hazel, a maths tragic and the adventure she shares with Scarecrow, Mouse and Iago, the villain crow! For lovers of Shakespeare.

FREAK SHOW                      Play with 8 songs          Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks  Political  Drama

Think Trump, devious, desperate and ruthless based on the Antigone story.

THAT BASTARD BRECHT       Play with 12 songs      Chord and lyric charts         


The life and times of Bertolt Brecht and his colloboraters, a story of manipulation and exploitation.

Four and five star reviews from Edinburgh Fringe. Award winner: Best Overseas Production

SUFFRAGETTES                   Play with 12 songs      Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks   Period Drama

The real and unsanitised story of Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragette movement.


BELFAST                               Play with 12 songs       Downloadablebacking and guide vocal tracks          


Period Drama


The development of sectarianism from the building of the Titanic to The Troubles.

M for MACHIAVELLI          Play                                    N/A                                     Absurdist

Soho gangsters and an exposition of Machiavellian theory.

BARRICADES AND BARBED WIRE         Play                  N/A                                  Serious Drama


The Troubles, On the Blanket and the Dirty Protest...tragedy

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT     Play with 6 songs    Downloadable backibng and guide vocal tracks





Dostoyevsky's classic tale adapted....faithful to the novel.

EXILES                                Play                                       N/A​                                    


Serious Drama

The Irish famine, a fictitious Dickensian tale.

THE PIPER​                          Play  with 12 songs        Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks        




Adaptation and dramatisation of the classic tale   


KELLY                                 Play                                         N/A                                 Serious Drama


The Ned Kelly story through the eyes of Ned.

THE STUPID CLUB            Play                                        N/ A                                 Serious Drama

Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison.....all died at the age of 27....The Stupid Club

LARRIKINS                        Play with 8 songs            Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks          


Period Drama

Rosie is a prostitute,  Lenny is a larrikin, they are Australian through and through with a healthy contempt for anything in a uniform

THE LAST OF THE OUTLAWS  Play with 12 songs  Downloadable backing and guide vocal tracks        


Period Drama

The true story of the Dooliin/Dalton gang, the last of the outlaw gangs in the Wild West.



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