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Review of That Bastard Brecht (extract). August, 2018.
"For anyone looking to break boundaries in theatre today, it’s a refreshing reminder of a man but also his female comrades who did it first."

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Review from Tychy

The Electra Legacy. August, 2018.

"Nuworks Theatre are from Australia and their breezy rock musical “The Electra Legacy” is currently rattling floorboards and rafters at the Paradise in Augustine’s Church. "

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Review of That Bastard Brecht (extract). August, 2018.
British Theatre Guide 4 Stars

"It's a bold and exciting musical, one that manages to recapture some of the magic of the era and just enough Brechtian cabaret sensibilities to keep the timely and relevant issues of the piece from being solely a historical point of note. An experience well worth your time."

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Benjamin Fountain

Review of That Bastard Brecht.

"Wonderful performances by both the actors and live band, this show gives a fantastic portrayal of Brecht himself, as well his alienation style on the stage.
I was blown away by both the ensemble and the leading performers (Brecht especially), it was a very big production compared to what I thought I was in for at first. 

The only hindrances to the show was the limited stage space that they had to work with. This lead to some occasionally intimate moments with the front row, but aside from that and a brief delay at the start, I found myself enthralled in the performance.

Highly recommend to fans of the theatre, Brecht enthusiasts, and those looking for a couple salacious songs."


Counter Culture UK

5 Stars

Review of That Bastard Brecht. August 2018.

"Wow! What a show. Fifteen original songs, amazing choreography and sharp dialogue tell the story of Brecht through the eyes of Elizabeth Hauptmann (Tove Berkhout). Hauptmann first met Brecht in 1922 when she came to Berlin."

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